RG Products RG Hight Waist Riding Breeches


We're especially excited about these RG Products RG Hight Waist Riding Breeches!

Innovative, technical and urban-styled. Discover the various types of riding breeches by Rider's Gene: a wide choice of full-grip, knee-grip, high waist and low waist. The extremely technical and fresh material is guaranteed by the jersey and the rubberized grip, to allow you a greater adherence to your horse.

It’s a new way to express yourself. A new way of conceiving riding clothing.
RG Rider’s Gene was founded in 1994 as a company that specialised in the production of accessories for the horse.
Taken over in the twentieth century by Cavalleria Toscana, today RG maintains its know-how and renews itself by introducing a clothing line for men and women with great quality materials and excellent care for technical and aesthetic aspects.
Moreover, RG Rider’s Gene offers its clients a customised service from the models to the materials and details to better satisfy their needs and give the personality to what you and your horse wear.
Their vision is to make you be yourself and express yourself. What you wear does not define you. Express yourself through what you wear.