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Starting The Young Jumper Book

No matter what your discipline, establishing a solid foundation on a young horse is necessary for him to succeed in his career. The initial work on a young jumper  is one of the most memorable and important periods in his educational process.

 At no other time do horses have to retain so much information and advance so rapidly. It is imperative that the education young horses receive at this time is positive and correct. A good teaching system always leaves the colt a step he already understands that he can fall back on.

This is how you move forward and build confidence. From a lifetime of starting colts, I maintain a constant belief that good horses come from quality miles, a relaxed frame of mind, and knowing their job. With this background, you can build an athlete that can step up to the next level and handle it with confidence.

 Make the right thing the easy thing, build a partnership, and make every horse you train a better horse. The rewards are indescribable.

Live your EQU Life!