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Parlanti Ocala Riding Boot (Small calf / Medium calf)


Brand Parlanti

The Parlanti Passion Ocala Riding Boot is made from buffalo leather for extra strength and durability.  

  • The boots have three expansion panels - one at the side like the Miami, one at the front of the boot and a narrow expansion strip within the lace-up area of the boot - to ensure that they fit like a glove.  
  • An extra strong double stitched seam along the zipper to help prevent breakage.  
  • The toe cap is asymmetric is design to ensure the boot doesn’t constantly bend in the same place - thus adding years to the life of the boot.  
  • A leather tab at the heel not only helps the rider when putting the boots on, but also adds another layer of leather between the rider’s heel and the zipper.  
  • Best for Schooling, with a laced premium Buffalo exterior, a calfskin interior and a premium rubber sole. 


S, S+, SH, SH+ can only be matched with small width

M, M+, MH, MH+ can only be matched with medium width

This Parlanti Decorative Colored Logo Border will spruce up the top of your Parlantis like nothing else!