Incrediwear Circulation Exercise Bandages


The Incrediwear Equine Therapeutic Leg Wraps are designed to fit comfortably around the horse's legs, and is secured with a reliable velcro strip. Leg Wraps are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery time, and improve performance.

Regular Size: 12.5cm x 275cm / 5" x 108"

Pony Size: 9cm x 185cm / 3.5" x 73"

Passive Recovery – Wrap horse's legs with Therapeutic Leg Wraps after working your horse to reduce inflammation for recovery and injury prevention.

Cold Therapy – Simply wet Therapeutic Leg Wraps and ring out excess water. Cold therapy effectiveness will remain for up to 1 hour to reduce swelling. For maximum effectiveness, place in hot water for 2 minutes before applying.


1. Wear Therapeutic Leg Wraps while working your horse.

2. Immediately following working your horse, wet leg wraps and leave on for approximately 45 minutes up to 1 hour. Therapeutic Leg Wraps act as an ice pack for 45 minutes up to 1 hour to decrease swelling.

3. Remove the leg wraps and place the Incrediwear Equine Pillow Wrap and Incrediwear Circulation Hoof Socks on for up to 24hrs. Can be worn overnight.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Place in a pillow case or wash bag. Wash warm or cold. Tumble dry low. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT iron. DO NOT dry clean.