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Freejump Pro Grip Leathers


Brand Freejump

These single-thickness leathers each come with a grippy piece and a smooth piece that attach with hook-and-loop. The grippy piece offers a more stable stirrup position, while the smooth piece offers a traditional feel. Easy to swap out as desired. 

FREEJUMP's stirrups leathers single strap allows a quick and easy set up of the FREEJUMP's stirrups SOFT'UP LITE and SOFT'UP PRO thanks to the fastening of a nylon lopp through the open eye of the stirrups without having to remove the leathers from the saddle.

  • The material won’t harm the saddle leather and won’t restrict the rider’s leg movements
  • Smooth leather strap offers a conventional feel
  • A simple loop allows easy attachment to the stirrup, making it quick and easy to remove stirrups before transporting or storing the saddle
  • Top attaches and adjusts to length just like a traditional leather
  • Additional Pro Grip Replacement pieces sold separately