Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnet


Revolutionizing riding with a ponytail!  The Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets are here!
Featuring a 2- in- 1 design that acts as both hairnet and elastic hair tie. This design removes all access hairnet hanging from your ponytail! 
We've all been there. The inevitable extra hairnet that just lives rent free in your ponytail. We've tried tucking it into our hair ties or braided it into our hair but nothing ever really works. The Ponytail Hairnet understood the assignment and eliminated the excess hairnet material completely!
  • The Ponytail Hairnet's design has an elastic-line hole at the back of the head acting as a sturdy but very adjustable hair tie.
  • So whether you have long, short, thick, or thin hair, you can wrap it around your hair as many times as you wish.
  • 2 hairnets come in one pack