Parlanti Miami Crystal Lace Boot (Small calf / Medium calf)

Ranked the #1 Riding Boot in the World!  

The Parlanti Miami Field Boots are crafted from the finest calfskin leather to achieve the comfort, durability and streamlined profile fit that Parlanti is known for.  

  • Equipped with laces and an elastic back panel to ensure a snug and and flexible fit.
  • Best for Showing with a un-laced, Premium Calfskin exterior and interior and a premium rubber outsole.
  • The newly enhanced zippers and spur rests have eliminated 99% of breakage issues to date.  
  • The style and innovation of Parlanti Boots are second-to-none, as the Parlanti Passion Collection is still the most copied and imitated product by other top-level brands.  
*Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery!


S, S+, SH, SH+ can only be matched with small width

M, M+, MH, MH+ can only be matched with medium width

Parlanti Boots are hand-crafted from premium quality leather. 

This Parlanti Decorative Colored Logo Borderwill spruce up the top of your Parlantis like nothing else!

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Calf Width
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